8 Best NFT Marketplaces in 2022 (Easy to Buy and Sell)

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best nft marketplaces

Most NFT transactions take place on an NFT marketplace, similar to eBay or Amazon but for non-fungible tokens. For example, you can buy and sell digital art and music to virtual land on these NFT marketplaces. 

If you’re still unsure what an NFT is, we recommend reading our guide on “what is NFT” first.

We’ve ranked the following best NFT marketplaces based on user popularity, the quantity of NFT items listed, transaction volume, and other factors.

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OpenSea is the broadest and biggest marketplace for buying and selling every kind of NFT in the world. You can search through millions of NFTs organized into dozens of categories on this marketplace, including digital art, collectibles, game objects, domain names, virtual worlds, and photography.

It works with Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn blockchains and supports 150+ cryptocurrency payment tokens. 

OpenSea is simple to use; you can create a free account and begin minting, selling, and exploring in minutes.

Furthermore, OpenSea allows creators to mint NFTs without incurring any gas fees, as the NFT isn’t transferred on the blockchain till the purchase is made. That implies you can convert a digital file to an NFT for $0 and pay the gas price when the item sells. After the NFT is sold, OpenSea receives a 2.5 percent cut. The buyer pays the commission on fixed-price items, whereas the seller pays it on auctioned items.


Rarible, similar to OpenSea, is a huge marketplace for all kinds of NFTs. You can buy and sell all kinds of art, collectibles, and music on the site. 

Rarible is a multichain NFT marketplace, which means you can buy, mint, and sell NFTs on a variety of different blockchains. Rarible now supports Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos, with more blockchains set to be added shortly.

Rarible charges the buyer and the seller a 2.5 percent fee on every transaction. Rarible claims that none of these fees are kept by the platform but are used to cover the processing costs of transactions on the blockchain and paying miners.

Nifty Gateway

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Nifty Gateway is a premier NFT marketplace for expert artists, backed by the crypto exchange Gemini. It is where the highest-ticket NFT sales occur. In February 2021, for example, Beeple’s “CROSSROAD” sold for more than $6 million.

What makes Nifty stand out for beginners is that you can acquire NFTs with Fiat (government-issued currency), meaning you can pay using credit cards rather than cryptocurrency. This makes it more user-friendly for first-time purchasers unfamiliar with cryptocurrency wallets.

Note that Nifty Gateway hosts any NFTs bought, which means the NFTs are kept by Nifty Gateway and Gemini.


Foundation is a community-curated platform managed by a select group of artists, like an artist’s club to which only a few are invited. To join Foundation, you must receive an invitation from an existing artist, and every artist is limited to one invite.

The Foundation App is run on the Ethereum blockchain. All NFTs are sold in ETH, and to bid on an auction, bidders must have ETH in their wallets. Images, movies, and 3D artwork are the three categories of NFTs now available on the Foundation platform.

NFT markets are divided into two categories: primary and secondary. Primary markets are those where NFTs are traded for the first time. NFTs that have already been sold and are being resold are traded on secondary marketplaces. Collectors have the same freedom to bid on secondary market NFTs as those on primary market NFTs. All sales in the marketplace are subject to a 15% transaction fee by Foundation.


SuperRare links artists and collectors through a digital art NFT marketplace. Yet, it’s in its early stages, and only a few artists have signed on so far. SuperRare is distinct in that it is limited only to those artists who match its requirements.

You can submit your profile for evaluation if you want to join the platform as a creator. SuperRare will assess your profile based on several factors. It keeps its exclusivity by displaying artworks that are one-of-a-kind or limited-edition items.

SuperRare just announced the launch of its own Ethereum-based currency $RARE. The tokens allow holders to curate the platform and control marketplace parameters. SuperRare NFTs, like Rarible, can be traded on OpenSea.


Mintable, which billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban funds, aspires to create a similar open marketplace like OpenSea, is the best NFT marketplace to mint your NFT as it’s gasless. It means that you mint NFTs from your meme, digital art, music, and video files for free. 

Mintable supports Ethereum by default, but you can also use Immutable X to get free gas fees. Registration requires a MetaMask wallet. Mintable gives you a MINT token each time you purchase an NFT.

Like other NFT marketplaces, Mintable takes a percentage of every item sold. It charges 2.5% to 10% for different types of NFTs.

NBA Top Shot Marketplace

Now and again, an NBA superstar does something spectacular that people from around the world watch repeatedly – and now you can own that precious moment.

You can acquire collectible moments, like video clips and play highlights and art from the world’s top basketball leagues on NBA Top Shot.

Using Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain, the NBA created it as a closed marketplace. It means that you can only purchase and sell on Top Shot. Signing up and purchasing directly from the Top Shot marketplace website is simple. You may buy collectible moments for as low as a few dollars.


Unlike the above NFT marketplaces that work on the Ethereum blockchain, MagicEden is an NFT marketplace that works on the Solana blockchain. 

Because of the network’s tremendous throughput, all fees are practically insignificant. As a result, the Solana network is fast-growing.

On Magic Eden, users will pay a 0% listing charge and a 2% transaction cost, lowering the entry barriers for new and experienced NFT buyers and creators. All transactions are made in the SOL tokens. 

NFT Marketplaces FAQs

The most popular NFT blockchain is Ethereum. Other NFT blockchains include Flow, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Solana, EOS, and WAX. 

What are the best Solana NFT Marketplaces? 

Here are multiple Solana NFT marketplaces that are popular and rising:

  • MagicEden
  • Solanart
  • Solsea
  • Digital Eyes
  • Metaplex
  • Alpha.art

NFT Marketplaces: Conclusion

NFT marketplaces are an excellent place to start if you want to invest in digital collectibles or art.

But keep in mind that this is a brand-new industry with a high level of risk. There’s a chance that some NFTs will skyrocket in value, but there’s no guarantee. Some drop to $0. Digital art and collectibles have the same subjective value as physical art and collectibles: value is decided by criteria such as originality and the reputation of the artist who created it.

As a final note, there are alternative NFT marketplaces not mentioned above, such as Zora, Venly, Axie Marketplace, Decentraland, and Knownorigin. 

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