Grammarly Review: Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

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grammarly review is grammarly worth it

Is Grammarly Premium worth it? Is it worth trying this tool to improve your writing skills? Does Grammarly Premium live up to its reputation?

As long-time users of the product, it only makes sense for us to profoundly answer these questions and reflect upon Grammarly’s editing prowess. 

This brings us to put forth a detailed Grammarly review. So, if you’re interested in this tool, as we are, and you have some doubts about the product’s effectiveness, read on.

What is Grammarly?

To put it simply, Grammarly is an AI-based writing assistant that helps individuals and companies achieve grammatical perfection in written communication. A decade ago, the tool started out as a syntax checker for academic essays but had since expanded its scope to cater to almost every writing genre.

That said, Grammarly comes in the form of browser extensions, add-ons, and standalone web applications, which, as we’ll see later, make all the difference in terms of effectiveness. To put that into perspective, the tool manages to integrate, as an extension, with:

You can use Grammarly for free here!

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Grammarly Key Features 

As a writing assistant, Grammarly fulfills all individual writing preferences by offering the following features, which are, in our view, the key to encouraging high-grade write-ups.

Grammar Check

The most basic function of the tool is to spot and fix grammar and spelling mistakes, including punctuation adeptness, missing words, and awkward sentence constructions. This effectively translates to improved clarity of ideas and superior language use.

Tone Detection

Since the tool caters to varied writing genres, it makes sense that it detects the tone of the text you’re writing and determines how successful your piece would be pertaining to your domain. This hands-free analysis is what helps avoid awkward phrases or sentences that are off-kilter in terms of both tone and content.

Plagiarism Detection

With an access and review scope of 16 billion web pages, Grammarly can detect plagiarized text with almost absolute accuracy. This is certainly a tool that businesses and students can rely upon to ensure the integrity of their content.

Do You Need a Grammar Checker? 

Why do employees from more than 60% of the Fortune 500 companies use Grammarly? It seems as if taking the struggle out of editing and proofreading is key to productivity in the modern day. But, more importantly, it’s about maintaining impeccable communication standards in a world where digital text is the preferred mode of expression.

To that end, here are a few reasons why you need a Grammar checker like Grammarly, regardless of the industry you’re in:

Near-Impeccable Communication

This can’t be stressed enough! Be it an email to the employer, a LinkedIn post, or a Medium article; your words are a direct expression of your identity. And while a grammatical mistake must not act as a source of judgment, it consciously/subconsciously does (and we all know that). 

Improved Writing

Grammarly’s AI-based editing prowess has proven to help individuals and businesses write far more efficiently. The improved clarity and brevity of ideas resulting from the tool’s suggestions are invaluable.

Increased Productivity

Grammar checkers foster escalated productivity levels in that they enable individuals to write accurately without having to worry about typos, misused language, and other such mistakes. The result is a far more efficient workflow and the ability to crank out more quality content in a given time frame.

Does Grammarly Work? 

Like any writing assistant, Grammarly couldn’t wave a magic wand to fix the intrinsic depth or elucidate the implementation of linguistic quirks. It does, however, objectively evaluate the content of a written piece and suggest super-specific recommendations with detailed explanations.

And this, more often than not, is all you need to improve your writing skills, readability, and quality of content. Amidst the proliferation of digital media, Grammarly’s AI-based abilities that pinpoint the otherwise challenging to ascertain aspects of written language are indeed a game-changer.

So, even if you use it when trying to write your first novel, a literary masterpiece, or an article for the popular press, you can rest assured that the tool will “spare” your piece from doomsday scenarios of awkward writing namely punctuation and grammar mistakes.

You can use Grammarly for free here!

Is Grammarly Free?

Grammarly is perhaps the only AI-writing assistant out there that offers a feature-laden free plan. For example, the free version provides conciseness suggestions, detects tone’s viability for the type of content that one wants to pen down, and of course, corrects grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

Not to mention the ability to add Grammarly extension to your browsers, microblogging sites, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs, and the facility of Grammarly keyboard for both iOS and Android. 

The best thing is that this free plan isn’t constrained by a credit-based system. Nor is it a trial period wherein individuals are asked to pay for the plan upon their satisfaction of its use. 

It’s noteworthy, however, that the free plan misses out on some features like plagiarism and context check. While this may seem unwarranted for casual write-ups, businesses and individuals who pen down quality content regularly would do well to subscribe to the Grammarly premium plan.

You can use Grammarly for free here!

How Much is Grammarly Premium?

The free plan surely looks convincing (and it is, in reality), but if you intend to professionally write more than, say, 500 words a week, you will do well to consider the premium package. The heavy-duty features (see the next section) help individuals and businesses alike locate and edit all possible references in a matter of seconds rather than hours.

Grammarly values its Premium Plan at 

  • $12 / month billed annually
  • $20 / month billed quarterly
  • $30 / month billed monthly

Is Grammarly Premium Worth It? 

Honestly, the worthiness of Grammarly Premium solely depends on the level of editing assistance that you prefer for your profession. But, to put the benefits into perspective, here’s what Grammarly Premium comes equipped with:

  1. The ability to monitor the consistency, fluency, and formality
  2. The ability to facilitate AI-recommended rewrites for semantic and syntactic clarity
  3. The facility of accessing comprehensive vocabulary (just double tap on any word for synonyms)
  4. The ability to define language’s emotions — confidence, politeness, inclusiveness, neutrality, etc.

Even though this is a premium-priced tool, the peace of mind that it brings surpasses the sum of its cost. After all, there’s a reason why it’s been adopted by companies like Cisco, Expedia, Dell, Magento, and more.

You can use Grammarly for free here!

Grammarly Premium Review 

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Grammarly Premium is a life-savor. After all, who wouldn’t want an instant language editor at one’s disposal? But, a host of other writing assistants also suffice the market and open almost equivalent self- and automated-editing avenues. 

Why is then Grammarly Premium consistently soaring through the ranks? Why is it being used by people across 247 countries? How can the tool collectively persuade educators, freelancers, students, employees, and c-suite executives? How come more than 7 million consumers make use of the tool every day? 

Understandably, the answer to all these questions is multi-faceted and consolidates AI’s efficiency, tool performance, company’s marketing efforts, and market value. However, we’ll here keep it to the technicalities and be as profound in reflecting upon its unique features as possible.  

Advanced Grammar-Specific Suggestions

From pinpointing the subtleties of punctuations that often go unnoticed to spotting the advanced phrase modifying problems, Grammarly’s grammar-check suggestions are inch-perfect in their autodetection capabilities. What’s more, it’s also insightful enough to ferret out the errors not limited to basic grammar and punctuation. 

Consider the following suggestion where the editor meticulously spots the “word order problem.” Not only does it define the correct order, but it also sheds light on how these problems are usually perpetuated in English Grammar. The detailed explanation with “Incorrect” and “Correct” labeled examples is also commendable.

grammar check correctness and precision

AI-Powered Sentence Rewrite Suggestions for Clarity

Grammarly has long been testing its AI-powered sentence rewrite feature (still in beta) — and it’s nothing short of being remarkable. In addition to addressing the flow and accuracy of the entire sentence, the AI comprehends the context of the content and accordingly recommends a rewrite of the sentence.

Follow AI in action here as it washes out the filler words and eases up the jargon to make more sense. The idea is to make the writing as clear as possible. So, this means that “hard to read sentences” are also highlighted. It’s noteworthy that Grammarly doesn’t recommend rewriting for all the marked sentences. However, the fact that it does highlight a sentence for contextual and technical improvement helps inform the writer about the wayward flow.

AI sentence clarity

You can use Grammarly for free here!

Competent Plagiarism Detection

Usually, writing assistants don’t feature plagiarism detection. As such, after completing the draft, one has to run the content through another tool. Grammarly Premium wards off this process by integrating plagiarism detection capabilities that work seamlessly along with the Grammar-checker. 

The tool compares the text with the biggest full-text database in the name of ProQuest. It detects the similarity in both vocabulary and structure. And, it does this with unerringly high accuracy. 

grammarly plagiarism

Comprehensive Report Generation

In-text suggestions are alright, but how can one evaluate the entire piece for readability or language richness? How can one ensure the quality of content in totality? And how can one share knowledge about the scope of improvement? After all, it’s not easy to keep track of advanced grammatical issues while writing, especially when the write-up is comprehensive. 

Grammarly’s report generation feature comes in handy in such situations. It compiles all errors and warnings into a downloadable easy-to-read report that can be shared with the team.

More so, the report is summarized and can be viewed in real-time. An example of the same is attached below with three categorizations of performance – word count, readability, and vocabulary. The Flesch readability score, for example, is useful for giving an estimate of how the text compares with some of the best readable content of SERP (search engine results page). 

In a similar vein, the vocabulary metrics are fundamental in gauging the quality of content as it captures the language complexity of the text. 

grammarly review evaluation report

You can use Grammarly for free here!

Synonym Suggestions — The Writing Cheat Sheet

This is perhaps one of the most underrated features of the tool. The word and meaning synonym suggestions are handy in adding to the vocabulary and enriching the language. You just need to double click the word you want synonyms for, and Grammarly would be your wordbook. 

synonym grammarly

Grammarly Alternatives 

Grammarly serves as a bridge between the writer and the editor. This eliminates the sketchy quality of the content, manifesting a polished, error-free, and reader-friendly piece. However, some tools do compete with Grammarly and are worth checking out.

Grammarly vs. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid has been nurturing a face-off with Grammarly for some time now, and understandably so. Just like Grammarly, the software provides delightful editing features. However, Grammarly takes the cake when it comes to the interface, the ability to integrate and leverage AI, and multiple factors (400) on which the writing is analyzed, and compatibility with mobile devices. 

There’s a stark difference in both the tools when it comes to the features facilitated in the free version. While Grammarly remains feature-laden, ProWritingAid is very restrictive in that regard. The latter is certainly an excellent tool but not as robust as Grammarly. 

Grammarly vs. Ginger

Ginger is yet another popular writing assistant that’s intuitive, lightweight, and easy to use. The tool enables support for up to 40 languages on top of the text-to-speech facility. However, it considerably lags behind when kept relative to Grammarly as it doesn’t:

  1. Offer plagiarism check
  2. Define a Performance Score
  3. Comply with MacOS
  4. Pinpoint problems with highly intricate sentences

Surely, these are some of the significant facets that Grammarly seems to be on the pedestal on account of its sheer functionality.

Grammarly vs. Whitesmoke

Much like Ginger, Whitesmoke supports multiple languages and is available for a cheaper subscription than Grammarly. But Grammarly seems to be a clear winner, as Whitesmoke doesn’t feature a plagiarism checker, constitutes a rather sophisticated UI, doesn’t recommend advanced corrections, and doesn’t customize the editor according to a writer’s writing style and preferences.

Grammarly Review: Conclusion

Grammarly is intuitive writing assistant and a handy plagiarism detector. But what sets it apart is its contextual awareness and adeptness in rectifying it. Its AI-powered feature-packed nature makes it an all-rounder, both for professional and casual writers.

All in all, Grammarly Premium is bound to help writers polish and shape their work up to par. It might not have the empathetic range of a human editor, but it’s as close to it. In fact, it goes beyond it in some cases.

So, if you’re looking for a “must-have” tool to ensure your content is smooth, stylish, and error-free, Grammarly is the tool for you. 

You can use Grammarly for free here!

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