SE Ranking Review: An All-in-One SEO Tool

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Online visibility is crucial for any business, especially in the current climate. As a result, companies rush to create websites and promote them to rank in the TOP-10 of Google SERPs in their niches.

To avoid making countless mistakes before they find the right formula, every business, SEO specialist, etc. needs a tool to monitor website visibility in search engines, analyze the website’s health, detect broken links and other issues, conduct keyword, and competitor research, identify and control backlinks, and more.

Using several instruments at once may be confusing, not to mention the Internet speed and PC power it takes to have all those tools working at once.

With users in mind, SE Ranking has created tools to resolve the dilemma and offer solutions for the most common problems small businesses and large corporations encounter in terms of SEO and online marketing.

And we’re here to review SE Ranking in detail to see if it’s really an all-in-one SEO tool. 

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SE Ranking Overview

Created to help with website optimization and online marketing tasks, SE Ranking SEO software makes it easier to develop ideas on how to improve online visibility and provides reports on your website’s performance, backlinks, and technical health. 

Here is a full list of tools available:

  • Keyword rank tracker
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword grouper
  • Backlink checker
  • Backlink monitor
  • Competitor research
  • Website audit
  • On-page SEO checker
  • Index status checker
  • Page changes monitor
  • Report builder
  • Lead generator
  • Marketing plan
  • Social media management 

 You will find a more detailed description of the tools below.

Who Can Use SE Ranking Tools?

SE Ranking tools are suitable for most businesses, including:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • SMBs (Small and Midsize businesses – under 100 and 100-999 employees accordingly)
  • Agencies
  • Enterprises

Every group will find valuable instruments for their business and clients’ growth. Over 25,000 businesses have chosen SE Ranking to achieve their analysis and SEO goals. If you’re looking to expand the company, you can scale up the toolset. According to reviews on G2, entrepreneurs and SEO specialists find the solutions cost-effective and appreciate their data-informed design.

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The Range of SE Ranking Tools: A Detailed Review

We’ve already mentioned that the toolset by this company is quite impressive.

In this section, we’ll provide an overview of all the tools SE Ranking offers, including:

  • Rank tracker
  • Keyword research and grouping tools
  • Backlink analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Website analysis
  • Tools for agencies like Lead Generator


Keyword Rank Tracker

This tool can track keyword ranking according to location, device, and language. The search engines available are Google, Yahoo!, Yandex, and Bing. You can even track keywords on YouTube!

In addition, you can:

  • Monitor Google Ads, Maps, and SERP features
  • Find out the dynamics of KW ranking over time
  • Get more keyword data like Competition, Search Volume, Suggested Bid, Dynamics
  • Connect GSC and GA to have all the needed data in one place
  • Analyze the positions and dynamics of the top 200 in the rankings and compare your website to your competitors’
  • Add up to 20 competitors to the list and get deep reports on each of the rankings of their pages in comparison to yours

Moreover, if you need shared access to the analysis and research results, you can share them with your teammates, managers, and clients via a guest link.

SE ranking rank tracker review


Keyword Research

Using this tool, you can analyze the given keyword and get more options for expanding semantics. The functions available include:

  • Analysis of the keyword by Search Volume, Difficulty Score, CPC, Paid Competition
  • Build a keyword list for a new project from scratch or adjust and scale up an existing project
  • Perform bulk keyword analysis
  • Check top organic results for the analyzed keyword
  • Preview ads for the analyzed query, sorting the results by month
  • Find ideas for the perfect keywords by search volume or difficulty
  • Research keyword competitors both in organic and paid search
se ranking keyword research tool review

Keyword Grouper

Keyword grouping will help you organize the list of keywords after the research. The functionality of this SE Ranking tool includes:

  • Automatic grouping of KWs based on the TOP-10 search results in your targeted area and criteria you set. The tool takes into account the search engine, location, and language.
  • Multiple grouping accuracy options (1 to 9) and methods (soft or hard)

All in all, the tool has the ability to segment keywords by location, language, and regional differences and build a whole architecture for the SEO of your website.

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Backlink research is vital for improving the online visibility of your website. SE Ranking has the following solutions for you:

Backlink Checker

Backlink checker allows you to see the link profile of your competitors, research your links and move them to the Backlink Monitor for constant tracking. Additionally, there are the following functions:

  • List of all referring domains and backlinks from them
  • Dynamics check for new and lost links, as well as referred domains
  • Analysis and reporting of the locations of the links according to the referring IPs and subnets
  • Anchor text distribution analysis across inbound links and referring domains
  • Analysis and reporting of the pages that are linked to the most
se ranking backlink checker review

Backlink Monitor

This tool will help you monitor backlinks, showing the results in easy-to-understand graphs. You’ll be able to estimate:

  • How many backlinks were acquired and lost in the last 3, 6, and 12 months and their growth dynamics
  • The total number of links
  • Which links are live and which have been removed
  • Links indexing status, status codes along with other information

Group the links by folders and add details like manager or price

You can also use this tool to analyze the profile by anchor texts, referring domains, and linked pages. See the number of unique IPs and subnets for backlink profile quality analysis and the list of the mentions you disavowed.

Other great features include import from GSC and backlink grouping.

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Competitor Research

You can use SE Ranking for your competitor’s research needs. With this tool, you can:

  • Analyze organic and paid traffic separately
  • See the dynamics of website traffic coming organically and from paid campaigns
  • See the pages and subdomains that bring competitors’ websites the most traffic
  • Analyze the keywords competitors rank for
  • Find your organic and paid competitors
  • See and analyze the overlaps you and your competitors have in terms of keywords
  • Analyze the Google Ads marketing campaigns that bring the most revenue, as well as ad history by month
se ranking competitor research tool review

Competitor research is crucial if you want to become the leader of your niche. SE Ranking offers essential insights into your rivals’ strategies, keywords, backlinks, etc.

Website Analysis

The company also offers solutions for website analysis, including:

Website Audit
Use the SE Ranking website audit tool to check the overall health of your site and get a complete list of pages and information about them. Here are the functions the solution offers:

  • Analysis of any website, including your competitors and clients
  • Analysis of technical SEO to see if any issues are preventing the website from ranking higher
  • Domain metrics check
  • Technical parameters check, including security, HTTP status codes, redirects, page load time.
  • All pages indexation status check
  • Website breakdown, including meta tags, links, and other info for each page
  • Resources check, including images, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Internal and external links check
  • Comparison of two audits to check the progress 
  • Page Changes Monitor helps you see any changes to a page, including its title and description, keywords, H1-H2, internal and external links, content, Robots.txt, HTTP code, alternate URLs, index status, and crawl.

Get a list of technical SEO issues for any website and learn how to fix them with the SE Ranking website audit tool.

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On-page SEO Checker

The on-page SEO checker shows how well the page is optimized for a particular keyword. In addition, it checks your main organic competitors and analyzes your on-page optimization compared to them. Its functions include:

se ranking on page seo checker review
  • Detailed reporting on page performance with the following metrics: domain parameters, meta description, page title, URL structure, index status, loading speed, core web vitals, and usability. 
  • Internal/external link analysis
  • Image optimization analysis
  • Competitive comparisons of keywords, content, and on-page metrics
  • SEO tasks for every page based on the analysis results

Tools for Agencies by SE Ranking

Agencies can benefit greatly by using the aforementioned tools by SE Ranking. But there’s more:

White Label

This tool allows you to customize SE Ranking to your agency’s needs. You can connect your domain to the service, customize the interface to your requirements, remove footer links, get Live Help and Feedback widgets, create a customized login page, set reporting from your email, and use your SMTP server if necessary.

Report Builder

Build professional customized reports with all the needed SEO data and present the results of your analysis in an easy-to-understand way, concisely and transparently. You can create reports of your website or send clients’ reports to them in PDF, XLS, or HTML formats.

Lead Generator

You can install the SE Ranking lead generator widget on your website to attract more customers. Once someone fills out the form, they get a detailed on-page optimization report. At the same time, you receive the lead’s contact information and their audit data, so you’re all set up to reach them to convert into a customer.

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SE Ranking Pricing and Plans Review

se ranking pricing

As to the pricing plans, there are three:

Essential – from $39/month

You can manage 10 projects and have 5 competitors per project. You can analyze backlinks for 20 domains a day and use the keyword grouper.

You also have 100 reports a day with 1,000 results per report and an on-page audit for 150 pages. 

A marketing plan, flexible SEO reporting, and Social Media Analytics and Management are also available, but historical data, organic SERP history, and white label and API aren’t. Nevertheless, this is a great basic plan for small businesses or people who want to try the service for the first time.

Pro – from $89/month

This is the most frequent customer choice. The capacities are larger, including up to 5 user seats, 1,000 or 1,750 keywords for rank tracking, and an unlimited number of projects with 10 competitors per project.

You also have access to the keyword grouper, competitive keyword research, historical data, and organic SERP history, which are all included in the Pro plan instead of the Essential one.

Business – from 189/month

This is the most professional plan which encompasses the maximum capabilities of SE Ranking. You can choose from 2,500-20,000 keywords for rank tracking and an unlimited number of projects with 20 competitors for each one.

You can compile 10,000 reports a day with 100,000 results per report.

Users have access to the API of the platform, which makes it easier to work with third-party integrations. Essential and Pro plans don’t have such a feature. The Business plan also offers up to 30 user seats and a keyword database expansion of 200,000 keywords. In addition, you can use all the tools, including white label, marketing plan, flexible SEO reporting, and social media analytics and management.

In addition to that, there are variable limits of:

  • available keyword checks
  • pages for Website Audit
  • backlinks to monitor
  • number of domains per day to check backlinks 

Based on the number of keywords and check frequency you select (daily, every 3 days, or weekly), checking every 3 days or weekly saves you 20% or 40% accordingly, compared to the daily check option.

There are 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12-month subscriptions. The 3-month plan offers a 10% discount, the 6-month – 10%, the 9-month – 15%, and the annual plan shaves off 20%.

SE Ranking offers free migration from plan to plan.

On the website, every plan is explained in detail, and you can always contact the support team to find out more or request a customized plan for your needs.

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Pros of SE Ranking

SE Ranking has multiple advantages, including:

  • All-in-one software with comprehensive SEO data in one place for effective monitoring and strategy building 
  • Accurate keyword tracking in almost any location (you can track your website in a chosen country and even city)
  • Customized SEO reports that can be downloaded, sent, or scheduled
  • Historical data on keyword rankings for a deeper analysis and more detailed reporting
  • Tracking more than 30 SERP features that are available in different modules (Rank Tracker, Competitor Research)
  • Unique reports like visibility rating where you can find your competitors based on your semantic core

Cons of SE Ranking

  • For some beginners, the amount of information the tools provide is overwhelming and may create the impression that it will be difficult to interpret. We recommend requesting a demo beforehand for better navigation in the platform and getting the most out of your subscription.
  • The loading time may be longer when you load a large amount of data
  • If you have many projects that all need keyword research, the limit of keywords in the plans may be too low
  • The plans before Business don’t give you access to the API of the platform, which may make it difficult because you can’t perform third-party integrations

SE Ranking Review: Conclusion

SE Ranking has developed a toolset that can cover your needs for optimizing and improving your online visibility. You can research and analyze keywords, get ideas, look into competitors’ strategies, control the quality of backlinks, build reports, etc. The only cons seem to be a large amount of information, no API access unless you have the highest plan, and the wait time if you have enormous data lists.

Nevertheless, the pros strongly outweigh the cons. The bottom line? SE Ranking is a great option for whatever marketing needs you may have.

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