Rippling vs. Justworks: Which HR & Payroll Software Fits You?

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There are several HR and payroll software options for users to choose from. While these do similar tasks, each has strengths and weaknesses that businesses should consider before purchasing.

Large and small enterprises can use an HR and/or payroll platform to handle employee data. PEOs with ample experience can help businesses efficiently manage recruitment, payroll, and human resources functions. 

In this article, we’ll make a side-by-side comparison of two major platforms: Rippling and Justworks. We’ll look at some of the key features of both products and their benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s begin with a quick overview of each platform.

Rippling vs Justworks: At a Glance

HR ServicesExtensive automation and integration capabilitiesAdvanced automated HR features
Payroll ServicesFull-service payroll and extensive integration capabilitiesFiling W-2s and 1099s, automated direct deposit, bonuses, reimbursements, overtime payments
IntegrationsOver 500 apps to help you consolidate your data in one placeOver 30 apps, including QuickBooks, HyperProof, and Checkr
Customer SupportReal-time chat and email support for all customersMulti-tiered US-based support on mobile, email, slack, text message, and chat
Pricing$8 per employee per month for access to the employee management platformTwo pricing tiers: Basic and Plus starting at $49 per employee per month for companies with 50 – 200 employees
Global PayrollYesNo
Benefits AdministrationYesYes
Time and AttendanceYesYes
Compliance AssistanceYesYes
Tax FilingYesYes
Onboarding & OffboardingYesYes
Document ManagementYesYes
Performance ManagementYesNo
Training ManagementYesNo
Applicant TrackingYesNo
Expense ManagementYesYes
Retirement PlanningYesYes
Rippling vs Justworks

To summarize, Rippling is a comprehensive HR solution that focuses on automation features, an intuitive platform, and extensive app integration capabilities. It’s suitable for small and large enterprises with small or distributed workforces in the US or globally. On the other hand, Justworks is a professional employer organization (PEO) that aims to lessen your HR burdens by handling your HR, payments, benefits, and compliance needs.

Rippling & Justworks: Similarities 

Key similarities between Rippling and Justworks include the following:  

  • Both are cloud-based SaaS companies that aim to provide all tools you need to run payments, manage time and attendance, and administer benefits in one place
  • The systems automatically calculate deductions and paid time off before any payroll. You can also schedule payments on particular days of the month.
  • Both HR & payroll apps can calculate, file, and pay state, local, and federal taxes every time you run payroll. They can file taxes in most states, allowing you to work with employees from multiple states. 

Justworks vs. Rippling: Differences

Differences between Rippling and Justworks include: 

  • Justworks is outright about its pricing structure and the features provided in each plan. While Rippling costs $8 per user per month, it does not state other hidden charges you might incur
  • Justworks only registers state unemployment tax accounts in 29 states, while Rippling sets up and manages SUTA and tax accounts in all 50 states. 
  • On Justworks, you can’t edit pay runs with commissions, bonuses, and reimbursements. However, Rippling allows you to update any pay run at any time without further assistance.

What is Rippling? 

Rippling PEO Software Employee Management

Rippling is a comprehensive HR solution that lets you manage employee payments, benefits, expenses, and devices in one place. It’s suitable for small and large enterprises with small or distributed workforces in the US or globally. 

Rippling’s key selling traits are automation features, an intuitive platform, and extensive app integration capabilities. It can help you streamline HR processes and handle complex tasks such as applicant tracking, making custom workflows, enhancing compliance, task management, and extensive reporting. 

Powerful Automation
Rippling | Workforce Management Platform

Rippling is a comprehensive human resources management software that streamlines HR processes and automates administrative tasks. It offers a range of features including employee onboarding, payroll management, benefits administration, time and attendance tracking, performance management, and compliance management. With Rippling, businesses can easily manage their workforce, track employee data, and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations. The software is user-friendly and customizable, allowing businesses to tailor it to their specific needs. Overall, Rippling is a powerful tool that simplifies HR management and helps businesses save time and resources.

  • Streamlined HR processes: Rippling offers a comprehensive HR platform that automates many HR processes, including onboarding, payroll, benefits administration, and compliance.
  • Easy-to-use interface: Rippling has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for non-technical users.
  • Integrated payroll: Rippling includes a payroll module that is fully integrated with other HR functions.
  • Customizable workflows: Rippling allows HR teams to create custom workflows for different HR processes, such as onboarding or performance management. This can help to ensure that processes are tailored to the specific needs of the organization.
  • Compliance support: Rippling includes compliance support for a range of HR regulations, including tax and labor laws.
  • Employee self-service: Rippling includes an employee self-service portal that allows employees to access their HR information, such as pay stubs and benefits information.

Rippling Key Features

Here’s an extensive list of the features and services that Rippling provides: 

  • Unified workforce management features include workflow automation, global workforce management, policy management, workforce analytics, app access and approval management
  • HR features include global payroll, talent management, learning management, time and attendance, benefits, and employee surveys. 
  • Information Technology products include app management, password management, single sign-on, device security, device offboarding, ordering, shipping, and storage.
  • Finance tools include expense management, corporate cards, and bill payment. 

Who is Rippling for?

The platform is suitable for businesses with 2 – 2000 employees who work locally or globally. It serves companies looking for automation features and who want an all-in-one HR solution that integrates nicely with available apps, benefits, and software.

Rippling can also benefit mid-sized businesses looking for a customizable option they can grow with.

What is Justworks?

Justworks PEO solution homepage

Justworks is a professional employer organization (PEO) that aims to lessen your HR burdens by handling your HR, payments, benefits, and compliance needs.

Best for PEO Service
Justworks | Payroll, Benefits, HR Software, and Compliance

Justworks is a cloud-based platform that provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance solutions. It streamlines the administrative tasks associated with managing a workforce, allowing companies to focus on their core business operations. Justworks offers a range of benefits, including health insurance, 401(k) plans, commuter benefits, and more, all of which can be customized to meet the needs of individual employees. The platform also provides access to a network of certified HR professionals who can offer guidance and support on a range of HR-related issues. With Justworks, businesses can simplify their HR and payroll processes, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

  • Streamlined HR and payroll processes: Justworks offers a comprehensive HR and payroll platform that simplifies the process of managing employee benefits, payroll, and compliance.
  • Affordable pricing: Justworks offers competitive pricing that is affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Comprehensive benefits: Justworks offers a wide range of benefits, including health insurance, 401(k) plans, commuter benefits, and more.
  • Easy-to-use platform: Justworks' platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for employers and employees to manage their HR and payroll needs.
  • Compliance support: Justworks provides compliance support to ensure that businesses are following all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Access to experts: Justworks offers access to HR and compliance experts who can provide guidance and support on a range of issues.
  • Customizable plans: Justworks offers customizable plans that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business.

The company is popular in the US serving many companies like Code Academy, WordPress, Urban Dictionary, and more. Justworks is accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS.) So, you can rely on it for quality expert HR assistance. 

Justworks Key Features

Key features of Justworks include: 

  • PEO features include access to benefits, compliance support, automated payroll, HR tools, full-service support, and HR consulting
  • Payroll features include filing W-2s and 1099s, automated direct deposit, bonuses, reimbursements, overtime payments, advanced reporting, and app integrations.
  • HR tools include onboarding, paid time off, reporting, E-signatures, workers’ comp, employee training, and unemployment insurance filings.

Who is Justworks for?

Justworks is best for small businesses that want upfront pricing to budget themselves effectively. It can help independent businesses to manage their HR by providing legal guidance. The company also offers extra customer support outside business hours. 

Justworks vs. Rippling: HR Services

Rippling PEO Pricing

Justworks and Rippling are intuitive and easy-to-implement HR software. It only takes a few seconds to perform most tasks, and employees don’t require additional assistance to perform most daily tasks. 

However, Rippling offers more capability; let’s discuss.

Workflow Automation

Rippling PEO Workflow Automation

Justworks offers several HR tools, such as employee onboarding, termination, and administrative management. To streamline the onboarding process, the system prompts recruits to enter all relevant information before starting work.  

Using tools like document storage, employee handbook, and company directories, it’s easy to store all relevant files in a secure location. Justworks also has flexible permission settings to allow or restrict control over who can access files. 

Rippling goes a little further with its workforce automation program. You can create custom logic to automate any workforce task. The system allows you to create custom triggers based on your unique employee data. 

You can also trigger automatic impact actions such as sending slacks and emails, assigning tasks, creating meetings, and updating Google Sheets. That means you can automate app performance as long as it’s integrated into Rippling. 

Ease of Use

Rippling PEO Software Dashboard

Justworks is one of the most user-friendly SaaS apps. This makes it a great partner for small and growing companies that want a straightforward, easy, and effective PEO. The system provides standard PEO services but can scale with you as you add more employees. 

Although Rippling provides extensive services, its platform is well-organized and easy to navigate. Employees can access their cloud-based software and self-service features from any web-enabled device, including iOS, Android, and desktop computers. 

Verdict: Rippling wins in HR Services

Rippling provides more extensive HR services, automation, and integration capabilities. The company can help you automate most HR and administrative functions, allowing you to focus on other essential business operations. 

Rippling Payroll vs. Justworks Payroll Services

Justworks peo software homepage

Both HR service providers offer advanced payroll features to help you calculate and run payroll without getting a calculator or contacting employees for further information. 

Here’s a more in-depth comparison: 

Payroll Processing

Justworks PEO service dashboard

On Justworks, you can view and manage payroll through the internal payroll management system. The system tracks employees’ paid time off, sick leave, and vacation days and runs automatic payroll when needed. 

Justworks supports full-time, part-time, salaried, and hourly employees. It does not charge extra for other payments outside salaries, so you can make unlimited monthly payments. The system also supports businesses with global and dispersed teams. 

Rippling’s full-service payroll is available in all 50 states. The service includes automatic tax filing, deductions, garnishments, reimbursements, workers’ compensation, annual tax forms, and direct deposits. The system also syncs all your data with top accounting tools like QuickBooks and Netsuite. 

Employee Benefits

Justworks peo service health insurance

Rippling has advanced features that let you customize employee benefits with custom details like contribution strategies and waiting periods. Employees can connect with their current benefits provider or seek the most recommended brands on the platform. Some employee benefits they provide include health insurance, 401(k), and more. 

Justworks supplies employees with low-cost benefits such as health, vision, and dental insurance, 401(k), life insurance, gym memberships, commuter benefits, and health advocacy services. To get insurance coverage, you need at least two W-2 workers, one W-2 worker, and one K-1 worker.

Verdict: Rippling wins in Payroll Services

Although Justworks and Rippling have similar payroll features, Rippling has more integration capabilities, giving you more capabilities compared to Justworks. 

Justworks vs Rippling: Integrations 

Rippling peo service integrations

Rippling features over 500 apps to help you consolidate your data in one place. You can choose the apps that team members can integrate into their systems and automate workflows using integrated apps. Top apps you can integrate on Rippling include QuickBooks, stack-overflow, Ethena, TalentLMS, and many more. 

Justworks features over 30 apps, including QuickBooks, HyperProof, and Checkr. Small businesses might need these essential applications to run payroll and HR services. 

Verdict: Rippling Wins in Integrations

Rippling features more integration capabilities, giving employers more capability and control and allowing employees access to more attractive benefits and training materials. This makes it suitable for medium and large enterprises that want to attract top talent.

Rippling vs. Justworks: Customer Support

Justworks peo service customer support

Justworks provides personalized customer support on all plans. Instead of a single mobile number or email you can contact, the system offers multi-tiered US-based support on mobile, email, slack, text message, and chat. Businesses with more than 14 employees can access one-on-one account managers.

Rippling mainly offers real-time chat and email support for all its customers. You must add an HR Help Desk feature to your plan to receive expert support from certified professionals. Unlike most PEOs, however, Rippling allows you to see how long support typically takes to respond, so you know when to expect a response. 

Verdict: Justworks Wins in Customer Support

Justworks provides expert customer support to all customers. You can also request a dedicated team to offer legal advice. Small businesses can rely on the company’s team for HR support as they handle complex administrative duties. 

Rippling vs. Justworks: Pricing

Let’s look at the key differences between Rippling & Justworks Pricing.  

Rippling Pricing

Rippling PEO Pricing

Rippling charges $8 per employee per month for access to the employee management platform. For additional features, you must contact customer care for a custom quote, depending on your company size and needs. Businesses request a customized plan with additional HR services at an added cost. 

Justworks Pricing

Justworks PEO service pricing

Justworks has two pricing tiers: Basic and Plus. Basic pricing tier features include taxes, payroll, onboarding, benefits, and workers’ comp. The Plus pricing plan offers additional services like COBRA, health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, and medical insurance.

The Basic plan costs $59 per employee per month for companies with less than 50 employees and $49 per employee per month for companies with 50 – 200 employees. 

The Plus plan costs $99 per employee per month for companies with less than 50 workers and $89 per employee per month for companies with 50 – 200 employees.

Verdict: Justworks wins in Pricing

Justworks offers a more transparent pricing structure, allowing you to evaluate the features provided and the Pricing before you make a critical decision for your small business. 

Justworks vs. Rippling: Pros and Cons

Here are the key Rippling & Justworks points to remember:

Rippling Pros

  • Advanced integration capabilities
  • Custom triggers to enhance workflow automation 
  • Customizable pricing structure
  • Easy to use and intuitive platform

Rippling Cons

  • Unclear pricing model, and you have to contact support for a custom quote
  • Expert support costs extra

Justworks Pros

  • Transparent pricing structure and customizable plans
  • Easy to use and intuitive platform 
  • Self-serve enrolment and access to a person who can help
  • Advanced automated HR features

Justworks Cons

  • Fewer integration apps
  • The time tracking app is a paid add-on

Justworks vs. Rippling: Conclusion

When looking for a PEO for your company, it’s good to consider your business needs before making any decisions. If an HR and payroll provider suits your company’s needs, it becomes more cost-effective than other tools that provide extensive features. 

Rippling is an excellent alternative for large and small businesses that want to scale features as their business grows. Justworks is suitable for small businesses that only need basic payroll and HR features.

To find out which PEO is most suitable for your company, visit the official websites to see what else they offer. 

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