Pricing Plans And Costs Explained 2023

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Project management tools have become more affordable and accessible over the years, making them ideal for businesses of all sizes. This is especially true for small businesses, which can save considerable money using the right tools. One of the most popular project management tools is, which provides various features for its users at a relatively low cost. However, there are some aspects of that you might find confusing, such as its pricing structure and the cost of additional features.

This blog post will explain how’s pricing plans work and how much the additional features will cost you.

What is Project Management Software Homepage is an online platform allowing people to create the tools they need to boost productivity and streamline communications. It is a Work OS where you can build tools for online chatting, task management, work collaboration, and even develop unique apps for specific purposes.

It is a unique and flexible platform, so small, medium, and large teams can easily get on board and start working on their projects. This platform was launched in 2014 and has gone through tremendous changes and upgrades to ensure it offers the best possible solutions for teams across the globe. 

Due to its cloud-based design, teams can access it from anywhere with an internet connection. That means such teams can continue working on the same project without necessarily being in the same location. Pricing Plans Comparisons: Key Takeaways

Let’s compare the plans offered on monday so you can get a better idea of which one fits your needs the best.

monday.comClickUpWrikeSmartsheet Teamwork
Plan Price Range$0 to $16 per user per month billed yearly$0 to $19 per user billed annually$0 to $24,80 per user per month$7 to $25 per user per month billed annually$0 to $17,99 per user per month billed annually 
Free Version Yes Yes Yes No Yes 
Maximum Users for Free Plan 2Unlimited5N/A5
Mobile and Desktop Apps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Automations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 
App DevelopmentYes No No No No 
  • Individual Plan: free forever and is the ideal pick for individuals that want to organize their work
  • Basic Plan: costs $8 per user per month charged annually or $10 per user charged monthly and is suitable for small teams or businesses starting to manage multiple projects
  • Standard Plan: costs $10 per user charged yearly or $12 per user charged monthly and is an excellent choice for advanced small teams dealing with multiple, complex projects
  • Pro Plan: costs $16 per user billed yearly or $20 per user billed monthly and is suitable for large teams handling multiple, complex projects
  • Enterprise Plan: pricing is flexible, but the plan is best suited for organizations that require enterprise-grade features

Is Free?

Although is a commercial platform with different subscription packages, it also comes with a free plan. Read on to find out about the different plans available for users on this particular platform. Individual Plan

One of the most impressive things about is that it has an Individual Plan, which is free forever. That means anyone can go to the platform, open a free account and start organizing their work accordingly. 

Individual Plan Features

This free version allows you to organize your work on three boards. Some things you can put up on boards include your clients, tasks, data, and deadlines. 

You also get over 200 customizable templates, making it possible to customize your workspace according to your industry. With this free version, you can invite two team members to collaborate with you on all the boards. lets you create as many documents as you like within the system. Additionally, you and your team members can download the iOS and Android apps to stay connected on the go. 

Although this plan has limited features, it can be useful for anyone trying out different task management software or those just starting to organize their professional affairs. Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is a step up from the free version you get when you join this platform. It has more features and is ideal for small businesses or teams starting to work on multiple projects simultaneously. 

Basic Plan Pricing

Organizations or teams utilizing this plan have to pay $8 per user when billed annually. Those who wish to par every month have to part ways with $10 for each member. 

It is prudent to pay for your plan annually to save some money. It is also worth pointing out that allows you to try out this plan for free for 14 days. This enables you to make up your mind on whether to settle for this plan or consider another.

Basic Plan Features

With this plan, you get everything available on the free version. Additionally, you can invite an unlimited number of people to view your work boards. 

You also get 5GB of file storage space which is large enough to accommodate a lot of data. The next advantage of subscribing to this package is that you’ll always get prioritized customer support.

That means whenever you encounter any problem, you can easily get in touch and have the issue resolved promptly. Finally, you can create a dashboard based on one board to view your project or task performance. Standard Plan

The Standard plan is’s most popular subscription option. That is because it strikes a balance between the costs and the available features. 

It is also among the best options for advanced small and medium teams. The plan offers such teams the best features to collaborate and easily handle multiple or complex tasks. 

Standard Plan Pricing

This particular plan costs $12 per person per month or $10 per user billed annually. If you are therefore looking to facilitate better task management on a budget, it would be prudent to go for the annual billing plan.

However, if you want task management software to use over the short term, simply go for the monthly billing plan. If you are unsure if this is the best plan for you and your team, you can sign up for its 14-day free trial to get a feel of how it works.

Standard Plan Features

Subscribing to the Standard plan unlocks all the basic features available on the previous plans. It also unlocks features such as Timeline and Gantt views which can be incredible when trying to visualize project performance and meet deadlines.

There is also the option to set your working area with a calendar view, so you are always aware of upcoming tasks. Another impressive feature of this package is that it allows you to give guest access to select users.

Guest access ensures such people can collaborate with you on projects without gaining full account access. The next benefit of this subscription package is that you can create a dashboard that combines up to five boards, making analyzing different aspects of your project easier. 

Other benefits of the Standard plan include automation to facilitate repetitive processes and integrations to add tools that are beneficial to your project but may be lacking on the platform. Pro Plan

If you are looking for project management software with limited features, the Pro Plan is probably not for you.’s Pro plan is packed with features to help teams in almost any industry get their complex workflows moving seamlessly. 

It may not be the ideal option for small or new business entities, but it can be the best solution for task management when dealing with larger teams working in remote locations. 

Pro Plan Pricing

The Pro plan subscription costs $20 per user per month or $16 per user billed annually. The annual billing plan is ideal for saving hundreds of dollars, while the monthly billing plan is the best option for short-term needs. 

This particular plan also comes with a free 14-day trial, so you can simply sign up and use it without any obligations for the specified period. However, remember to cancel your subscription before the expiry of the 14 days. Otherwise, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the plan, and the specified amount will be deducted.

Pro Plan Features

Subscribing to this plan unlocks everything in the previous versions. It also gives you access to private boards and documents. That means the boards and documents are only visible to you and the people you give access to. 

You also get to enjoy chart views that can be ideal for visualizing data in the form of graphs and charts. The next advantage of this package is that it provides a time-tracking feature allowing you to determine how long each task takes.

This package also allows you to automate even more processes and integrate more tools than those available for the Standard plan. As if that is not enough, you can create a dashboard that combines up to 10 different boards, so you always get a brief overview of different tasks or projects. Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is the ideal solution for organizations that want enterprise-grade features. Teams gain access to some of the most sophisticated features on

It is also under this plan that organizations can streamline processes and simply different projects and tasks. Departments and teams from different company sections can easily collaborate under this package.

They can also grant guest access to clients to ensure everyone is on the same page regardless of their location worldwide. 

Enterprise Plan Pricing

Because different organizations have unique needs, it is not always prudent to set a specific price for that package. Keep in mind that some organizations are in the construction industry. Others are in the medical industry and so forth.

The relevant features of one industry may not necessarily be relevant to another. That is why requires organizations to contact the Sales department and discuss pricing. 

The Enterprise plan pricing can, therefore, only be determined once has some information regarding the needs of the specific organization in question. 

Enterprise Plan Features

Organizations that subscribe to this particular plan get everything available in the Pro package. They also get enterprise-grade automation and integrations.

Another advantage of subscribing to this plan is that the organization can enjoy state-of-the-art security and governance systems. This ensures that sensitive data does not get out of the organization.

The plan also includes advanced reporting and analytics. This can be essential when planning new projects and determining current weaknesses and strengths. 

In case any member of the team encounters a problem, they receive premium support. That means the problem will likely be resolved faster than it would have been if you were on a lower-tier subscription. 

Another interesting thing about the Enterprise plan is that it allows you to create a dashboard that combines up to 50 different boards. This gives managers or business owners the flexibility to quickly browse through different projects and get an understanding of how each is performing. Alternatives For Project Management Software

While is one of the most popular and exceptional project management software, it is not the only productivity tool you can use. There are a few that also comes across as being impressive. A closer look at some of these alternatives can help you understand how they stack up against


ClickUp project management solution homepage

ClickUp is a cloud-based project management software allowing organizations to manage tasks and people in a simplified manner. It is available as an online platform, allowing people to log in from any location as long as they have an internet connection.

This particular platform also comes with iOS and Android apps to simplify collaboration on the go. ClickUp was founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in San Diego, California.  

Unlike, which tends to cater to teams of various sizes, ClickUp is more suitable for small and mid-sized teams. That is because it does not have as many features as

You can learn more about ClickUp vs‘s detailed comparison here.

ClickUp Pricing vs Pricing

Like, ClickUp has a free version that is available forever and is suitable for individual use. Below are the paid plans available on this particular platform. 

  • Unlimited: $5 per user per month billed annually, or $9 per user billed monthly. This particular subscription is suitable for small teams
  • Business: costs $12 per user per month charged annually or $19 per user per month charged every month. The plan is best suited for mid-sized teams
  • Business Plus: $19 per user is charged yearly, or $29 charged monthly. The plan is suitable for multiple teams collaborating on projects
  • Enterprise: requires direct contact with the Sales team for pricing. It is suitable for large teams

Compared to, only the Unlimited Plan from ClickUp is cheaper. The other versions are relatively more expensive than’s packages. 


Wrike project management solution homepage

Wrike is another impressive work management tool you can opt for instead of It was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in San Jose, California. 

Like the options mentioned above, Wrike is available as a web platform and can, therefore, be accessed from any location. It is also available as a mobile app for convenience. 

Wrike pricing vs pricing

This task management software offers a free account so you can access a limited number of features. Below are its paid versions.

  • Team: costs $9,80 per user per month and is suitable for teams that are expanding
  • Business: costs $24,80 per user per month and is suitable for multiple teams within the organization 
  • Enterprise: requires direct contact with the Sales team and is suitable for large teams that require enhanced data security and more work management features. 
  • Pinnacle: this also requires direct contact with the Sales team and is suitable for teams with complex work needs

Comparing Wrike and pricing reveals that the latter offers lower rates for those who choose the annual payment structure. 


Smartsheet project management software homepage

Smartsheet is another modern work and project management software you can use instead of It helps teams plan, track tasks, manage resources, and create insightful reports. 

Read more about the comparison of Smartsheet vs Monday here.

Smartsheet Pricing vs Pricing

Unlike, which has a free tier, Smartsheet does not offer any free plan. Instead, it only allows users to enjoy a free 30-day trial on different packages. Below are the plans available on this particular platform.

  • Pro: $7 per user per month is charged yearly, or $9 per user is charged monthly. It is ideal for small and mid-sized teams that want to share views with unlimited viewers
  • Business: $25 per user per month is charged yearly, or $32 per user is charged monthly. It is suitable for teams that wish to include an unlimited number of editors
  • Enterprise: requires direct contact and is suitable for organizations that require enterprise solutions for project management

Smartsheet does not have too many plans, which restricts those who would love to enjoy more flexibility when choosing a pricing plan. Its Business plan, which is the equivalent of’s Pro plan, is also slightly more expensive. 


Teamwork Project Management Software

Teamwork is another work and project management tool for teams across the world. It was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Cork, Ireland. 

It is ideal for splitting complex tasks into simpler units and then collaborating to complete them more accurately and quickly. 

Teamwork Pricing vs Pricing

Like, Teamwork has a free tier for individuals or small teams just starting. It also offers a 30-day free trial on all its paid subscriptions. Below are the paid plans available on this platform.

  • Deliver: costs $9,99 per user per month charged yearly, or $13,99 per user charged monthly and is suitable for small teams with basic project management needs
  • Grow: costs $17,99 per user per month charged annually or $24,99 per user charged monthly and is suitable for mid-sized and large teams handling multiple projects
  • Scale: requires direct contact with the Sales team and is suitable for large teams dealing with complex projects

Teamwork offers a more varied range of packages making it possible for different teams to choose the most suitable. Pricing FAQs

How long is free?’s free tier is available forever and is ideal for individual use.

Is Pro worth it? Pro is worth it because it is one of the best plans to subscribe to if you want to streamline complex workflows. Its pricing is also among the most competitive in the market.

Is free for 2 users? ‘s free tier is ideal for individuals and accommodates up to two team members. Pricing: Conclusion is undoubtedly one of the best project management software you can turn to. It distinguishes itself from others in the category because its varied pricing plans enable different teams and industries to find something suitable. 

It is also among the most affordable options you can find. To find out if is the right project management software for your team, go ahead and try its free plan or free trial versions first.

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