12 Best Monday Alternatives & Competitors (Free Tools Included)

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Monday.com is one of the best project management tools that provides an easy-to-use platform for task management and workflow visualization. It’s packed full of features that every team can use.

We actually love monday.com and we use it ourselves. It is also the #1 project management software on our list after extensive reviews.

However, lots of monday.com competitors have appeared to provide different sets of tools or focus for startups and businesses. Therefore, you might be looking for Monday alternatives that fit your needs better.

We’ve compared and reviewed the 12 best alternatives to Monday to help you find the project management tool that best fits you.

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ClickUp: Monday Free Alternative

monday.com free alternative ClickUp

ClickUp is the perfect monday.com alternative for any low-budget, remote working business. Even its free plan offers unlimited tasks and members, and 100MB storage to help teams collaborate on this cloud-based software.

Use ClickUp for Free here! No credit card is required.

ClickUp stands out from the crowded competition by costing just $5 per month for its unlimited plan, making it one of the most affordable tools like monday.com on the market. In addition, paid plans offer extensive customizable features, like unlimited integrations, dashboards, storage, list, board, and calendar views to help teams stay productive and align with their team members.

If you’re a growing business and can afford to spend more on task management, the Professional tier, which costs just $9 per user per month, is for you. In addition, it has added features like an advanced time tracker, automation features, dashboard widgets, and custom exporting.

Clickup pricing

Use ClickUp for Free here! No credit card is required.

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Asana: Best Monday Alternative

Asana is the best Monday alternative that allows businesses to automate their day-to-day tasks and collaborate. It’s perfect for when you have multiple projects going on at once, which means any company size can use it.

asana project management

With its Kanban-style layout, the user interface makes the information easily accessible to all of you involved in the project.

In addition, Asana provides an intuitive platform for organizing projects while at the same time being packed full of features that every member of your team can use.

It offers a free plan, and the premium plan starts at $10.99, which includes more features and resources like reporting across unlimited projects, unlimited dashboards, and unlimited guests. 

Sign up for an Asana 30-day free trial here!

Want to see how Asana and Monday.com compared? Check out our Asana vs Monday.com comparison


Wrike is a project management tool similar to Monday.com. It offers more extensive integration choices, and multiple tracking options (like Gantt, kanban, and to-do lists) when compared to Monday.com.

wrike similar to monday

It offers a free plan, and paid plans start at $9.80 per user per month. And you’ll need at least 5 users to subscribe to a paid plan. Wrike’s paid plans offer more extensive features like shareable dashboards, Interactive Gantt charts, custom workflows, and more. 

Learn more about Wrike here.

Jira: Better than Monday.com for IT teams and developers

Jira is the best Monday alternative for product teams to keep an eye on product development tasks and track bugs in your software. This is why Jira has been trusted by more than 65k organizations globally and used by innovative businesses like Cisco, Square, Spotify, etc.

Compared with other Monday alternatives on the market for managing projects across business functions like marketing, human resources, and finance, Jira stands out as one of the best choices for software and product teams.

Jira monday.com alternative

Jira is completely free for teams of up to ten users. The Standard plan starts at $7 per user per month, which offers more storage, admin control options, security, and compliance features.

Trello: Better than Monday.com for Card-Based Tool

Trello is an incredibly flexible card-based tool. It’s better than Monday.com for being a completely open system that allows you to design any system and methodology that works best for you.

In addition, working with Trello allows you to drag and drop tasks from one vertical list to the next – meaning that once a task is completed in the current stage, you can easily move the card to the next stage. The powerful progress visualisation makes it convenient for teams to track progresses.

trello cards

Trello offers a free plan for small projects. Its standard plan starts at $5 per user per month, offering more features like advanced checklists, custom fields, unlimited storage, etc.

ActiveCollab: Tool like Monday.com for task and client management

monday alternative ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is a project management software like Monday.com for centralizing tasks, projects, communication with clients in one place. It provides similar features like calendar management, billing and invoicing, and customizable templates.

Compared to Monday.com, ActiveCollab seems to offer better ease of use, customer service, and rich planning features.

ActiveCollab offers a free plan, and pricing starts at $7.50 for 3 members per month, making it a more affordable Monday alternative for any small to medium-sized business looking to save time and budget on their project management needs!


Notion is an excellent Monday alternative for information sharing and team collaboration. It combines notes, docs, projects, and wikis to make them all customizable. 

However, Notion isn’t designed for project management. It falls into the category of organizational tool and productivity app with features that can cater to project management. Therefore, Notion’s project management features would not be as extensive as Monday.com.

The personal plan is free to use, which gives you unlimited pages and blocks, share with five guests, and sync across devices. 

notion pricing


ProofHub is a project management software with an emphasis on simplicity, which makes it similar to Monday.com in many ways. Its orderly interface delivers most of the tools you need to track projects and collaborate with team members.

proofhub similar project management software to monday.com

In addition, it offers the flexibility in tracking multiple tasks simultaneously, with real-time updates on progress through Gantt chart view.

Proofhub plans start at $45 per month. However, they charge a flat fee, meaning no additional user cost. Therefore, compared to per user charged by Monday.com, Proofhub would be a more affordable option for bigger teams.


Basecamp is an alternative to Monday for better team communications given its group chat, message boards and commenting features. It also offers simple, flat-rate pricing at $99 per month for unlimited users.

basecamp collaboration tools


It makes communicating seamless using their online messaging system, which automatically syncs chats across multiple platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and Slack.

However, when compared with Monday.com, Basecamp lacks reporting tools and time-tracking features. But Basecamp is very easy to use thanks to few advanced features.

Kanbanize: Better than Monday.com for Project Plan Visualization

Kanbanize is a Monday.com competitor that helps you organize your work and lets you see all of the project plans at once. 

One of its best features includes breaking down cards into smaller, more manageable chunks so they can be automated to go through a series of steps.

kanbanize agile project managment tool pricing

Kanbanize doesn’t offer a free plan. Its plan starts at $149 per month when billed annually, which includes 15 users. It’s more suitable for larger teams that need at least 15 seats.

Github Project Management: Better than Monday for development project planning

Github is the go-to app for developers. Naturally, Github Project Management Software is better than Monday.com for development project management.

You can use Github’s project management tools to track bugs and issues. This frees developers from maintaining two separate systems for tracking bugs or other information.

github project management pricing

You can use Github for free or upgrade to the Team plan, which costs $4 per user per month. It also has a very affordable enterprise plan that costs $21 per user per month. 

Zepel: Monday Alternative for Product Development

zepel monday alterantive

Zepel is a Monday alternative for product development. It helps teams of product development professionals to plan, create and track their work. Zepel has all the features needed for seamless teamwork, whether you’re working with agile or kanban methods.

It’s easy to create user stories, enhancements, bugs, tasks, or subtasks with Zepel. In addition, it offers deep integration with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and more.  

Monday Alternatives: Conclusion

These are some of the best Monday alternatives for making collaborations easier. Our top picks are Asana and ClickUp – both offer excellent project management solutions at an affordable price point.

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